Informational: November 2020 Referendum

Informational: November 2020 Referendum

Meridian Community,

Before I begin with the content of this section of my email, I want to say thank you. This year has been trying for everyone, and what is clear is that this community deeply and passionately cares about its schools. I cannot thank you enough for being our partner through thick and thin, and I promise you that we will continue to do whatever we can to provide a safe learning environment for your students. 

The intent of this letter is to inform all community members that there will be a referendum on the November ballot for Meridian Schools. This referendum (if successful) will extend the referendum previously approved in November of 2014. Thus, this referendum WOULD NOT give the district any ability to levy taxes at a higher rate in the Education Fund than it has over the past several years. This also means that your tax bill in the Education Fund would only increase if the value of your property has increased.

Over the next several weeks, my intent is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have all of their questions answered so they can make the most informed decision possible. Having led the district through this process before, I know that this subject elicits strong emotion on both sides of the argument. I want to encourage us to remember that throughout this process, we are still one community and one district working together to provide the best possible experience for our students. 

The district will add a tab to our website to provide all referendum informational materials for public consumption. Additionally, there will be a weekly email with information provided in smaller chunks so it can be more easily consumed. Next, the district will hold several Facebook Live Town Hall Meetings so community members can ask any questions they may have (calendar of referendum related information distribution listed below). As was the case last time, please help me add to this calendar. I am happy to any necessary visits to meet with your family or neighbors to discuss any questions you may have. Lastly, I am always available at 815-980-0310 for text or phone calls and for emails. 

As a reminder, school employees ‘on the clock’ or board members acting in their official capacity cannot advocate for voters to use their vote in any particular direction. All employees, however, can provide factual information so the electorate can make the most informed decisions possible. When not working, any employee or board member can advocate for their desired position. 

Thank you,


Dr. PJ Caposey