The End of Winter Break

The End of Winter Break
Posted on 01/01/2021

A Message from Dr. Caposey

Meridian Community,

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday season. As we prepare to end Winter Break, I wanted to provide a few short reminders. 

1) We will begin the 2nd semester with remote learning from January 6th through January 15th. 

2) School will resume under the conditions that were in place before Thanksgiving on January 19th. As a reminder, this was full-time face-to-face instruction for Kindergarten through 5th grade students (with the opportunity to choose remote learning) and hybrid learning for our 6th through 12th graders (with the opportunity to choose remote learning). 

3) The BOE will discuss the return-to-learn plan at the BOE meeting on January 7th and modifications could take place as a result. This includes the return-to-learn for all learners face-to-face on January 19th as one extreme and the extension of the adaptive pause as the other extreme. 

4) Our local data has improved since Mid-November and it is vital to our return-to-learn plan for us to sustain these improvements. As individuals, please continue to wash your hands, watch your distance, and wear a mask to enable us to eventually return to a five-day in-person learning environment for all students/parents who would like to choose this option. 

Thank you and Happy New Year, 

Dr. PJ Caposey
Superintendent of Schools